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October 26, 2018 By: Mary Lohr
Zachary Cambell

(Submitted by Bonnie Samuel)

Zachary Campbell was 12 years old when he first met with Dennis Allen, well known genealogist with expertise in software technology. Zachary’s mother has asked Dennis to talk to her son about a project that might generate interest in history via technology.

Zachary and Dennis hit it off well from the start! in the fall of 2016, Dennis gave Zachary his first assignment. “His original assignment was to make a cemetery program that I could virtually walk through and see each headstone.  We stated he could do more with it, such as make it a game for kids as well or be able to click on it and pull up documents from various places,” said Dennis.

With Dennis, Zachary started walking and measuring the cemetery in the winter 2016/2017. They discussed various components of such a program and Zachary took it from there!

“I was very proud of him since he taught himself the coding as he moved through the program build,” commented Dennis proudly! Zachary’s cemetery program far exceeded expectations. And he finished it for the 2018 Story County Fair, where he won, Special Science, Engineering and Technology Award and “Judge’s Favorite” with 4-H.

Technology may be the enticement that gets young adults interested in genealogy!